NuWell 120 Liquid Acid

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NuWell 120 Liquid Acid

SKU: NU120
PRICE: 879.00

NuWell 120 Liquid Acid Description

- Cleans mineral deposits such as iron, manganese, sulfates and carbonates
- Safer to use than hydrochloric acid
- USDA approved for use with food and beverage applications
- Nu-Well 120 liquid acid is the only Nu-Well chemical that must be shipped, stored, handled and used as a hazardous material.

Nu-Well 120 liquid acid is a food grade phosphoric mineral acid that is the optimal ingredient for many cleaning applications. Nu-Well 120 effectively removes common mineral deposits found in wells, filter beds and water system equipment. These minerals include iron, manganese, sulfates, and carbonates.

Properly combined with Nu-Well 310 bioacid dispersant, Nu-Well 120 liquid acid yields a very concentrated, effective and economical cleaning chemistry.

1. Determine static height of well: SH = TD-SWL
2. From table, determine standard dosage value by diameter
3. Calculate volume of Nu-Well 120 liquid acid required: SH x Dosage = (gal./l.) Nu-Well 120

Appearance: Clear colorless liquid, no odor
Density: 13.2 lbs./gal.
Solubility in water: 100% in water
Freeze point: 26ºF (-3ºC)
pH (as shipped): Aqueous approximately 1.00 to 2.00
- Nu-Well 120 liquid acid is a strong acid base and does not store well with strong alkaline materials or oxidizers
- Dust respirators and goggles should be worn where possibility of dust or mist exists
- Hazardous Class: 8, UNI 805, PGIII
- Can be shipped ground by common carrier DOT Label Corrosive
- Additional physical and handling data are available on the product MSDS
- Available in 15 and 55 gal. containers



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